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Meet The Stravaigs

You're leaning towards it, closer to the decision that an elopement is for you.

You want your day to be about your story, your love, a truly intimate experience with your chosen person.

You've seen the incredible backdrops that Scotland has to offer. 

The vast expanse of nothing but breathtaking landscapes that are difficult to beat, no matter where you travel to in this world.

Caves that could echo the sound of a deep, booming Scottish accent painting the words of your love into each dark corner.

The thought of the majestic wildlife looking on as you make your way to places that most won't ever encounter.

The sound of those unmistakable bagpipes playing in the distance, beating drums that seems to match the fluttering in your chest.

You love the thought of adventuring off into the wilderness and capturing it all in a cinematic style, with photos that speak to your emotions, dragging you by your collar, straight back to that day for years to come.

It just feels right

Out Step The Stravaigs


Melissa & Diane











Let us do it all

Are you planning your elopement from abroad?

Do you not have a clue where to start?

Do you simply want someone to organise all the logistics so you can just turn up and enjoy?

And let's get this thang GOIN'

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